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We would like to thank the very talented people at Friesens for being our  program sponsor for the last two years! We would not have the spectacular program, that you can get at all (most) of the venues, without them!

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Cake-ology and the camera cupcakes



CAKE-OLOGY, 85 Arthur Street


85 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

To celebrate Photography’s 176th birthday (1839-2015) Cake-ology will be making little camera cupcakes.

Will they be in colour or black and white?

Head over on October 1st to see!


Downtown Winnipeg BIZ


The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ has been, (and will continue to be) a valuable source of energy and people for the FLASH photographic festival. We are proud to partner with this vibrant Winnipeg organization for the upcoming festival in October, and through out the year.

The BIZ is a financial sponsor and organizes the popular yearly #finditdowntown photo walk where all photographers are invited to mingle with influential Downtown people,  business owners and explore downtown spots that may not be available to the public.


Proud Supporter of Flash Photo Fest

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is Winnipeg’s premier entertainment destination. Whether it is our thriving arts and theatre, a concert or sporting event or an evening submersed in our nightlife, visitors can expect a positive downtown experience that will keep them coming back.


Winnipeg Art Gallery

The Winnipeg Art Gallery
The Winnipeg Art Gallery

The WAG is a generous sponsor of the FLASH photographic festival and will be hosting the opening night reception on

October 1 2014 at 8pm.

We are excited to be a partner with this venerable Winnipeg Institution.

Winnipeg Art Gallery
Inside the Winnipeg Art Gallery


The Lab Works

The Lab Works
The Lab Works
The Lab Works

The Lab Works

1847 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba,  Canada

“We are thrilled to be the Print Sponsor for the Flash Photographic Festival!

If you are a participating artist, we are providing a 25% discount on all print orders!

Contact us for particulars.”

All printing: 25% off Retail

Mounting to Foamcor, Sintra, Gator: 25% off retail

Metal Printing: 20% off retail

Floatmount products: 15% off

Acrylic Mounting: 10% off

Press Printed Cards (silk paper only): 10% off retail


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