Carla Dyck

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Winnipeg Architecture Foundation

266 McDemot Ave


Mon-Fri 12pm-4:30pm


Winnipeg photographer Carla Dyck learned at a young age to find beauty in unexpected places. Now as she views the world around her she challenges herself to see the ordinary or difficult through the lenses of faith and hope.

“It is dark but it is not only dark,” Dyck believes.

Often her subjects are ordinary Winnipeg street scenes, the regular we walk by each day without a second glance.  The glow of a lamppost on a dark street, the setting sun finding it’s way over top of a roofline to paint an aging walk-up with gold, or a bare bulb emitting just enough light through an open window to see a little more all help tell the story of hope.

Rarely complete at point of capture, Dyck continues the story through post-processing and then entrusts the next chapter to the viewer’s experience. Together the story unfolds.