Brent Lelond

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141 Bannatyne Ave
Mon-Sat 11am-9pm  Sunday 11am-4pm

Brent Lelond by Brent.

I’m a young talented artist focused on delivering great shots.
I use a mixed style to shoot drawing inspiration from photojournalism, fashion, and editorial photography. I grew up on a farm by alittle town called Arrow River, 300km from Winnipeg. It had a train stop, with no trains stopping. but you could get your mail there. We had to haul our water from the town well to drink. The farm had lots of cows, a huge garden, and a few chickens. It was a great childhood full of adventures. Basically I was “Calvin and Hobbes” minus the pet tiger. I’ve always had a passion for photography, and try to take the most memorable pictures I can. My first camera was an 80’s Kodak instant film, that stopped production right after I got it. I was only able to take 12 photos on it. #Karma