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Monday, December 18, 2017
Congratulations to Flash artist Gabriela Aguero for her interview in the Winnipeg Free Press earlier this week. Click here to read the entire article.
Our fearless leader Leif Norman was interviewed for an article in today's Metro about our rooftop photo walk. Check out a print version around town or the online version here.
Our marketing & communications director Rebecca was recently interviewed by Winnipeg's Classic 107 radio station. You can check out the full interview here at their website.
Our communications director Rebecca did a quick interview on CJNU this weekend. You can check out that interview in the audio file below.  
City News interviewed Executive Director Leif Norman about the Flash Photography Festival and also abut the Victorian Digital Challenge. Check out the two links below to see both interviews. View the Flash Photography Festival video here. View the Victorian Digital Challenge video here.
Our executive director Leif Norman was on the radio earlier this month promoting the Flash Photography Festival and and Nuit Blanche. Check out the interview on Soundcloud here.
View the full article with images online here. Photo... shops The Flash Fest format allows a variety of businesses to become small art galleries By: Kittie Wong Winnipeg is known for its festivals — Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg Folk Festival and Winnipeg International Writers Festival, just to name a few. But don’t forget the Flash Photographic Festival, which runs the entire the month of October. With 37 exhibitions in as...
The FLASH Photographic Festival began in October 2014 with thirty three venues throughout Winnipeg featuring over forty photographers. Each October the festival will expose the public to a variety of photographic work and showcase the diverse range of artists working within photography in Winnipeg. Based on the need to focus on Winnipeg photographers FLASH brings photography from a diverse range of...
FLASH is Four! Flash Photographic Festival arrived on the scene in 2014 to promote the art of photography. The idea of partnering with local business to create many small art galleries around the city, and the province, in order to promote the artist as well as the venue (business) has forged new connections between art and business. We are happy...
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