Bill Theunissen

Artist – Bill Theunissen

Venue – The Village Diner [510 Sargeant Avenue]

Time – Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 8am-4pm

Originally from Swan River, now living in Winnipeg, Bill is an avid, enthusiastic, amateur photographer, who seldom leaves home without at least one camera. Sometimes going out with a plan (knowing where and what to shoot), but mostly just wandering about, where anything can become a potential subject. You never know what you’ll see. Quite often, taking several photos of the same subject in different seasons, or time of day, to take advantage of different lighting. Whether wandering neighbourhoods of Winnipeg, or out in the country, photos are waiting to be shot!

Starting photography before digital cameras, Bill slowly became proficient in photography, but one had to wait for the film to be exposed, wait for developing and were limited by roll size. Digital photography offers immediacy to see photos, and re-shots or adjustment can be made right away, and you can literally take 1000’s of shots on one memory card, making it much more satisfying to go out and shoot.

For the last several years, Bill has been making calendars and greeting cards, from photos taken on these outings. This was started by making calendars for his Elbow Lake fishing crew, and expanded from there. A former member of the Manitoba Camera Club, over the years Bill has had several photos make the grade, and be shown at the Red River Ex Photo Salon.