Barry Striemer

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The Frenchway Cafe & Bakery

238 Lilac Street


Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm

Sunday 9am-5pm



The Seritographer

While I have been photographing the world around me for well over a decade, my presentation lacked an artistic punch. In the world of digital photography, I felt my images and presentation looked similar to anything and everything else out there.

And then, I discovered screen printing and the serigraph.

It became the creative outlet I craved. I can discover the my corner of the world through the viewfinder. And then get my hands dirty in printing off my images. The whole process of separating the photo, creating positives, exposing each screen, mixing a palette of colours, screening each one and watching it come to life over the couple of days that it takes, has become the inspirational reward I had been looking for.

And I now shoot images with my final print in mind, I have found my niche, photography and the serigraph. I am a Seritographer.