Anna Araoz

Starbucks Coffee 

201 Portage Avenue


Mon – Fri: 6:00 am-6:00 pm



Born in Odessa, Ukraine, I started calling Winnipeg my home more than 12 years ago. I decided to start afresh by taking a Red River College photography program and ever since I find my passion in taking pictures everywhere I can, even if it’s simply my back yard.

Small things that usually escape our attention: leaves and flowers, logs and mushrooms – and small imperfections that under the early morning light transform into spectacular scenes; they all become willing models in my strolls through a park.

Though my areas of interest in photography have been expanding, close up nature photography is still my favourite. When taking pictures, I strive to create images that capture familiar, everyday things from an unusual angle, to tell a different story through my work.

Catching the best possible moment, the best lighting, is the peak of satisfaction. Sometimes it’s just a split second and the scene is gone; but it’s now here, in my camera, and it will make me smile and revisit these experiences time after time.

This is why I wake up early on a weekend morning and wonder in a park for hours listening to the nature, waiting for the cues in hopes to find that unique moment where subject, light and time create the perfect scene – just for me.