Anna Araoz

Artist – Anna Araoz

Venue – Starbucks [201 Portage Avenue]

Time – Mon-Fri 6am-6pm


Born in Odessa, Ukraine, I started calling Winnipeg my home more than 13 years ago. I decided to start afresh by taking a Red River College photography program, and ever since I find my passion in taking pictures everywhere I can, even if it’s simply my back yard.

Small things that usually escape our attention: leaves and flowers, logs and mushrooms – and small imperfections that under the early morning light transform into spectacular scenes; they all become willing models in my strolls through a park.

My areas of interest in photography have been expanding, and while nature photography is still my favourite, I’ve been exploring the beauty of architecture. The geometry of shapes and lines, light and shadows are so different from the soft and free-flowing nature scenes, and I find them fascinating. I chose the Winnipeg Exchange District as the subject of my photo display this year.