Angie LeGras

Artist – Angie LeGras

Venue – Scotswood Links, Elm Creek, MB

Time – Mon-Sun 7am-9pm

Angie is a rural Manitoba photographer, based in Elm Creek.  Although she shoots everything from families to sports, landscape and travel photography are her true loves.  

With 19.1 million acres of farmland, you’re never too far from a field or a farm in rural Manitoba.  Even though we grew up in town, my sister and I spent many years handing tools to our dad as he fixed tractor after tractor.  We would go all over, wherever his skill and expertise were needed.  Sometimes we had to wait in the truck, sometimes we were on tool duty, but sometimes we would sneak off and explore.  I loved exploring.  Everything was so different from what we had in our yard.  There’s always something interesting waiting to be found on a farm or in a field, from old tractors to abandoned houses to wheat stretching to the sky.  I still love spending an evening making our way down a gravel road, trying to remember where we’ve been.