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I had the privilege of being in Ottawa as the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission were released.

I learned words like ‘settler’ and ‘doctrine of discovery’. Words I had heard before but didn’t mean anything to me. Words that broke my heart.

I grew up in an American boarding school in West Africa, so I didn’t learn very much about Canadian history. That’s my excuse when I ask myself how I missed this. But it’s not a good excuse. Children died. There’s no excuse for that.

And how do I respond in the face of the overflowing grace shown to me, to us, by our Indigenous brothers and sisters every day since our ancestors first arrived in their land?

These images are part of my learning and process, accepting my own complicity and expressing appreciation to my Indigenous neighbours for their divine generosity, their courage and strength. Miigwetch.

Alison Ralph
Treaty One Territory