Adriano Ali

Artist – Adriano Ali

Venue – Don’s Photo [410 Portage Ave]

Time – Mon-Sat 9:30am-6pm, Sun 12pm-6pm

If you ever walk through St Vital Park and happen to see several people posing in a tree, chances are you have seen Adriano Ali in action with his camera and knee pads. The Caribbean born south end resident bought his first digital camera for the princely sum of $528 (a Sony Cybershot P72) in 2003. He was instantly hooked into the world of photography.

He is a big believer of sharing his passion with anyone who asks. He organizes themed photo shoots on a regular basis. The last one being a theme of wearing the outfit you have only worn once but cannot find another occasion to wear it again. Participants range from teens to seniors. He is quick to point out his passion of photography was born out of a sense of enhancing a community. 

Adriano’s favourite subject on People in Trees whereby portraits are taken in, you guessed it, a tree. Officially its to show the strong connection between mankind and Nature. Unofficially, he admits to being too cheap to pay for a studio. His subjects are diverse ranging from formal dress to casual clothes to cosplayers.

He is also quick to say Photography has been his therapy but allowing him to maintain his focus (pun definitely intended) in the present as he expands his repertoire. He stated “Depression makes you look backward and anxiety makes you look forward. To be in the moment my hobby has been my therapy.” He has always been influenced by the social and educational aspects of Photography. He has been known to utter the phrase “ challenge accepted” when it came time for shoots.

Adriano’s style is simple and is quick to point out he says “ Lets have some fun and take some photos along the way”