Adriane Dizon, Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk & Robert Lowden

Adriane Dizon

Adriane Dizon, Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk + Robert Lowden

at Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba,

245 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg

Mon to Fri 9 am – 5 pm



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ACI 245 McDermot Avenue









Adriane Dizon attended the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg and received a BFA. His work mainly focuses on creating a delicate balance between the banal and the intricate. His recent photographs of empty streets and forgotten places convey glimpse of the quiet moments that we so rarely experience today. The more Adriane explored photography, the more he found that photography was really the medium that suited his needs and he was captivated by the raw and instant moment of street photography. The unexpected and spontaneous nature of street photography fascinated Adriane. The act of capturing the moment that’s gone in split second gave him that thirst to capture the perfect moment. His exhibitions include Surface Dimensions at the Edge Gallery and a duo show Shot & Hung in Winnipeg works have been seen in Platform Gallery and private collections in Winnipeg and around the world.

Sarah uses the tools inherent in the camera to transform everyday moments into something meaningful and beautiful. She aims to create evocative images that are pleasing to the eye and engaging to the viewer. Her work can be found in a variety of private collections and she has exhibited in alternative and traditional spaces including AceArt Inc., the Exchange District Biz’s Pop Up Art, The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, and Pecha Kucha. In 2012 she was chosen to participate in the prestigious Foundation Mentorship Program through Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art.

Sarah also teaches creative photography at PrairieView School of Photography. Taking a holistic approach to her art, Sarah balances her creative passion with a desire to live a healthy, family-centred lifestyle focused on her three young children.

Adriane Dizon
Adriane Dizon
Adriane Dizon
Sarah HK Colour 1
Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk
Forest on Canvas of Light
Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk
Sarah HK Colour 3
Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk