Flash-Photo-Logo Sign June 2015a 1000The FLASH Photographic Festival began in October 2014 with thirty three venues throughout Winnipeg featuring over forty photographers.

Each October the festival will expose the public to a variety of photographic work and showcase the diverse range of artists working within photography in Winnipeg.

Based on the need to focus on Winnipeg photographers FLASH brings photography from a diverse range of Winnipeg artists to a variety of venues — cafés, shops, public spaces and galleries.

With Winnipeg’s long and established reputation as a leader in visual arts within Western Canada, the city is poised to become a leader in photography with the help of the Flash Festival.


The festival is open to all photographers in Manitoba and has no basic criteria for participation.

The photographer or venue pays a submission fee of $150.

The photographer must secure his or her own venue and have a signed agreement, before the deadline of August 1st, 2015.

The photographer is then obligated to prepare and hang and show the work for the entire month of October in that venue.

The work does not necessarily have to be expensively framed, but does have to look nice and professional.

No Photographer will be refused as long as these criteria are met.


Anthony's Bicycle Camera 1886 500Once accepted into the festival, the photographer will receive mention in the official festival program, inclusion on the website, and invitation to participate within the festival forums.

The festival will be heavily promoted within local and international media, and on social media. With the city’s long standing history of supporting festivals, photographers can look forward to increased exposure through the public’s response and the media’s coverage.

The aim of the festival is to celebrate photography beyond the standard gallery shows. We hope to create an environment where various businesses and organizations can tailor some of their content to align with the festival. Some examples include seminars hosted by rental spaces, teaching lighting or shooting techniques, walking photo tours of neighbourhoods hosted by Biz development zones or restaurants that offer photographic theme dishes. Discussions are happening with various art organizations for the potential of photographic themed content to coincide with the festival. Zeiss Ikon Nettar 1951 500

The festival will only work with active participation from the community. The festival will look to the photographic community for ideas for Winnipeg to celebrate photography in unique ways.

Contact Leif Norman at FlashPhotoFest@Gmail.com for more information.

Press release from the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, June 2014:

“Downtown Winnipeg – The first ever annual photographic festival in Winnipeg – Flash Photography Festival – will take place during the month of October, popping up in various restaurants, coffee shops, and stores throughout downtown Winnipeg. Local photographers, artists, and design enthusiasts can participate by installing displays in a venue of their choosing. Instructional seminars on photography skills, artist talks, and alternative process demonstrations will also take place throughout the festival.

“Seen in cities across Canada, photography festivals have positively impacted their city centres as participating venues often see increased food traffic and revenue,” said Stefano Grande, Executive Director of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ. “We’re proud to support the local arts community through this new festival partnership. Downtown Winnipeg continues to serve as the premier destination for culture, arts and entertainment in the city. We’re sure to see even more people in our downtown frequenting local businesses to check out world-class photography during this month long celebration.”

Dozens of local photographers and artists like Michael Grandmaison, Robert Borden, and Rebecca Schroeder will showcase stunning images. This can all be seen in numerous venues across the city in such temporary spaces as a city centre pubs, cafes, restaurants, vacant storefronts, and the lobby of Manitoba Hydro. Hosted by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ in partnership with Flash Photography Festival, a special evening event will take place at the end of October to connect downtown business owners with photographers, highlighting the importance of art and design and how it is good for business.

“Winnipeg is known as a festival city, but does not have a proper photographic festival, so we are going to make one,” says Leif Norman, Executive Producer of Flash Photography Festival. “Everyone I have talked to has been excited and incredibly supportive about the idea, so it must be an idea worth making real.”

Flash Photo Festival would like to thank its sponsors: Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, Winnipeg Art Gallery, and The Lab Works. Visit www.flashfest.net for more details.”