Aaron Zeghers, Georgia Morrison & Chanelle Lajoie

Colour_Exchange Community Church_ChanelleEXCHANGE COMMUNITY CHURCH 75 Albert St

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm

Aaron is a Winnipeg-based artist working
in film, video and photography. He is often found working with analog mediums, found footage, lo-fi technology and experimental processes. Zeghers is a founder of the Open City Cinema collective and the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Zeghers’ films have played in marginalized venues the world round. www.aaronzeghers.com

Georgia is a Winnipeg based amateur photographer who has been experimenting with images since she was 14. Most of her teen years were spent at The Graffiti Gallery in the dark room or stealing the cookies meant for snack time. She believes that the less money she has the more resourceful she becomes, which is why she prefers to be paid in wine for most things.

Knowing Chanelle means knowing the loves of her life; religion, street art, film cameras and math. Having captured and combined her interests over the past year she is truly looking forward to sharing them with you forever and ever, amen.

Gerogia forprogramcolor-1

lord selkirk1 - aaron zeghers

two couples small - aaron zeghers