4×5 negative by Jon Adaskin, June 24 2014

Here is a photo by Jon Adaskin taken with his vintage Graflex view camera on the day we had the media launch for the first FLASH photographic festival at Don’s Photo, Kennedy and Portage, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, June 24 2014.

Jon Adaskin FLASH fest photo June 24 2014


Photo by Jon Adaskin

Ilford 4×5 inch FP4+ 125 film, developed with DDX.

The camera is a 1913 Speed Graphic with a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 3.5 150mm lens.

From left to right:

Pearl Angelini, Photographer, Aspire Studios

Signy Gerrard, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

Sachit Mehra, Chair at Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

Cory Aronec, Photographer

Leif Norman, Executive Producer FLASH Photographic Festival

Bruce Monk, Photographer, Platinum Printer

Chris Godfrey, Senior Manager, Don’s Photo

Mallory Pledger, Don’s Photo Marketing

Jason Svixay, Managing Director, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

Doug Wiebe, Pastor at Exchange Community Church

Stefano Grande, Executive Director, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

Robert Tinker, Photographer

Vintage Graflex 4x5 camera
Vintage Speed Graphic 4×5 camera


Jon Adaskin using the 4x5 Speed Graphic
Jon Adaskin using the 4×5 Speed Graphic