Connie Chappel

Artist – Connie Chappel

Venue – Super Deluxe Pizzeria [4 – 433 River Avenue]

Time – Tues-Sun  5pm-11pm

HAND Series

The hand embodies gesture, a form of nonverbal communication with broad interpretation that varies with context and culture.  Its position references concepts such as touching, offering, blessing, punishing and more.  My interest in studying gesture evolved after salvaging two plastic hands from a treasure chest of discarded mannequin limbs.  I submerged them in a water environment and attempted to capture their impermanent position and performative movement.

I am exploring how poetic is put forth through assembling artifacts that are individually graceful yet incongruent.  Mass-produced mannequin fragments extract the look of flesh just as artificial saltwater pools become strategies for soothing urban inhabitants. 

The work presents the absent and fragmentary as well as the unseen connections they embody.  This union alters the meaning of natural form and conjures up the metaphysical.  In an attempt to communicate this, I cultivate objects with the appearance of motion as well as actual gesture. 

Closing Party – Sunday, October 29, 5-9pm